Sunday, August 29, 2010

Memory Lane

WSO2 is celebrating its fifth anniversary. I have been at wso2 for exactly 5 years today.So I decided to put together some special moments at WSO2. There were many and these are the photos I could find.


This was the first WSO2 day out. This was way back in 2005 and place is blue waters. From left to right, Chamil, Sahan, Ruchith, Chinthaka, Saminda, Sanka, Deepal, Buddhika, Chamikara,Dr Sanjiva, Samisa and me.IMG_0019

This was the first major WSO2 product release. WSO2 WSAS was called Tungsten in those days. With ‘w’  representing Tungsten in the periodic table and w being the starting letter of the company name, it was decided to name WSO2’s first product as Tungsten. Sad that those metallic product names had to go away.

Picture 045

Samisa was the first wso2 employee to get married while at WSO2. It was Axis2/C early days and we were on a tight release schedule on those days. The C team had a call with Samisa even on his wedding holidays!.



This was the first official WSO2 trip. It was to habarana lodge. The food there was awesome and the guys had put up a few kilos by the time we left. The top photo is taken at the entrance of Sigiriya. The second one was taken at Echo park. Deep and Me ended up going to this place three times.


This is one of the group photos taken inside the old WSO2 office in merchant tower.  Everyone is dressed to go to a wedding as I remember.  From left to right, its Sandakith, Nandika, Azeez, Saminda, Asanka, Milinda, Ajith, Chinthaka, Deepal, Ruchith, Chamikara, Sanjaya, Sahan, Amila, Sanka, Samisa and Damitha. 


WSO2 has grown and prospered over five years and this is how it looks in 2010.