Friday, August 5, 2016

Building Business Process Server from Source

Building WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) from source is quite straight forward. Let's look at how you can compile wso2 business process server using the source code.


1. You need to have Oracle JDK 1.7 or above (preferably 1.8) installed on your machine.
2. You need to have apache maven ( 3.0.5 ) installed 

Understanding and building BPS Dependencies.

1. Apache ode wso2 fork
2. Activiti 

First, you need to build the Apache ODE fork. 

Clone the github repo and build it. 

~/work/wso2-ode $ mvn clean install

Since Activiti consists of a large number of dependencies, we have converted it into a single OSGI bundle. 

Clone the following repo and build activiti-all bundle.

~/work/orbit/activiti-all/5.21.0.wso2v1 $ mvn clean install

Building Carbon Business Process Component

Carbon Business Process component contains the source code for the integration layers and the other functionality we have implemented on top of the code of ODE and Activiti implementations. 

Clone and build the business process component repository.

~/work/carbon-business-process $ mvn clean install 

Now you are ready to build the BPS Product. 

Clone repository and build the product. 

~/work/product-bps $ mvn clean install 

You will find the built product at ~/work/product-bps/modules/distribution/target directory.

Take a look into the root poms of each repositories properties section in order to understand how each repository connects to the other repositories.