Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Deploying PHP Web Services using XAMPP for windows

XAMPP is one of the most popular Apache destribution containing Apache, MySql , PHP and PERL. Now it is possible to deploy web services on XAMPP using WSF/PHP extension.

All you need to do is to download WSF/PHP 1.2.0 Win32 Binary release and do the following configuration steps.

1. Unzip the binary package. You will get the directory C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32.
Add C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\lib directory to PATH environment variable.
( assuming that you unpacked the binary zip to C drive )

2. Copy wsf.dll located in wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32 directory to "C:\xampp\php\ext".
(assuming that you have xampp installed on C drive).

3. Edit the php.ini file located in C:\xampp\apache\bin directory and add following php.ini entries.



Append C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\scripts to include_path in php.ini as follows.

include_path = ".;\xampp\php\pear\;C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\scripts\"

Thats it. Now you are ready to try out the samples. So copy the samples directory (C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\samples) to C:\xampp\htdocs directory.

Now you should be able to run the samples.

Now you can write your own web services and clients using WSF/PHP.


  1. You made a small mistake in the first step, instead of adding C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\lib to the environment path you need to add C:\wso2-wsf-php-bin-1.2.0-win32\wsf_c\lib

  2. i cant find php.ini in c:\xampp\apache\bin me

  3. I could n't success May you help me.

  4. I guess xampp may have changed from the older version. Will give it a try and let you know

  5. hello.. i have no clue if u are still in the help mode... i am new to php-wsdl-webservices. WSO2 offers a lot in that combination is what i have heard... i have a wsdl which uses the concept of extension_base. in java terms its interface and implementation. Now how do i get a php code to access the webservices.

  6. hi,,

    i wanna ask..i've followed your instruction to install wso2.. but, it didn't work..

    i used xampp version 1.5.4

    when i ran the samples..i couldn't find wsclient..

    what must i do??

  7. Hi Nandika,

    Where do I get the version WSF/PHP 1.2.0. I am searching it for long time. all other versions are not working for me. I just want to try the version you said specifically.

    thanks in advance

  8. You can download all version of wsf/php from this location

  9. Hi,

    i cant find php.ini in c:\xampp\apache\bin directory..

    The file is inside c:\xampp\php\

    Pls help..

  10. Is there any solution for xampp on mac os x?

  11. error 1067 the process terminated unexpectedly on apache restart, after adding extention=wsf.dll

  12. Hi

    I followed the instructions and the add-ins from the comments however I am getting the following error:

    Fatal error: Class 'WSService' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\ExampleApps\samples\echo_service.php on line 39

    Can you please assist?