Thursday, July 31, 2008

New features to be released with WSF/PHP

Since the 1.3.2 release of WSF/PHP, a lot of new functionality has been added to the extension. In addition to that many bugs have been corrected. Following are some of the new features that will be released with the next release.

Improved MTOM/SwA attachment support

One of the limitations of WSF/PHP attachment support was that the service was not handling the http chunked messages. Also there was a limitation on the size of the attachment that can be received by the service.

We have recently fixed this issue. Now both the client and service is able to send binary attachments as chunked. Also with this addition, a service can receive an attachment of any size.

Another limitation we had was that, it was necessary to read the binary file to memory and then set it with the attachments array in order to send an attachment. Now if the file if a large file, this would require a large amount of memory. Now you can set provide the filename and enable caching in order to send the attachment in a memory efficient way.

PKCS12 Key Store support.

This was one of the essential features for implementing WS-Security. Since a access restricted service would want to provide its functionality to a limited number of previously specified clients, it should have the ability to keep track of the clients public certificates in addition to its private in in a single file. This functionality has been added to WSF/PHP.

Improved REST Support

It is quite handy to have the ability to expose you service operations as a REST operation in addition to having it as a soap operation. Now WSF/PHP allows you to map you operations to URL and a HTTP Method so that you can expose the operation as a REST Style operation as well.

PHP Data Services Solution

This is one of the most interesting solutions we have implemented using WSF/PHP. This provides a easy to use framework for exposing the data in you database tables as Web Services. This is compatible with WSO2 WSAS Data Service solution as well. This comes with the WSDL Generation, A database abstraction layer which allows you to use multiple databases and many more features.

WS-Secure Conversation support.

WSF/PHP is now able to support WS-Secure conversation. WSF/PHP allows you can configure a single service to act as a security token service (STS) in addition to providing the secured operations.

Operation Level Policy support

Now you can configure WS Security polices at Operation level with WSF/PHP.

MTOM Attachment Support for Contract First Web Services

This was one of the things that users have been asking for a while. Because of the simplicity of use, Contract first method is preferred by most users. Now WSF/PHP has the support to send and receive attachments in this mode of operation as well.

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