Monday, November 3, 2008

Introduction to reliable messaging part 2

In my previous blog post, we had a look at a set of messages exchanged between a web services client and a server using WS-Reliable Messaging protocol.  Today, we will explore the API available in WSF/PHP to achieve reliable messaging.

WS-Reliable messaging API in WSF/PHP is a simple an uncomplicated one. Lets go thorough each of the options available on WS-Client to achieve reliable messaging.

To enable WS-Reliable Messaging you need to use the "reliable" option in WS-Client. However, for WS-RM to work, it is mandatory to have WS-Addressing enabled. There for you need to  enable WS-Addressing or at least define the "action" option in WS-Client. If the action is present, and "reliable" options is set to "true", WSF/PHP will automatically enables WS-Addressing and enables Reliable Messaging. So following options are valid on WS-Client to enable reliable messaging.


oparray["action"] = "";

oparray["reliable"]= TRUE;

client = new WSClient(oparray);


oparray["action"] =""


In this option, we are telling WS-Client to use WS-RM version 1.1.

In my next blog post, we will explore other configuration options of WSClient and WS-Service

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