Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making Good SOA Great

WSO2 has release a nice booklet on leveraging Carbon platform to make good SOA great. Here is a link to it.


  1. Nandika,

    Love this write up! It serves as a good introduction to the benefits of Enterprise SOA and how Carbon can assist with this type of implementation.

    FYI, I think there is a typo in your post title, I believe "God" should be "Good" ;)

    If I may ask you some advice, as a beginner creating a WSDL (to allow for 3rd party data capture/validation, similar to a Remote Form Post), do you envision needing more than simply WSF for PHP?

    This is only first of potentially many WSDLs to come and hope to do it from the beginning. At what point should a SOA/WSDL developer consider options like Carbon, ESB, Data Services, etc?

  2. WSF/PHP provide you good value if your infrustructre is primarily based on PHP scrpting and you either plan to expose some of your Business logic as web services or you paln on integreating some services available elsewhere with your applications to add value.
    When the number of services and clients interacting in a SOA increases, maintenace becomes problematic since the endpoints can change etc.Inorder to cater for this complexity, ESB's are used as an integration interface to the outside world. ESB's are capable of performing message transformations, message mediation, proxying ect... Objective of Data Services is to levarage the data stored in relational data bases, spread sheets ect and convert them in to web services which can add value to your SOA.

    Carbon can be viewed as a platfrom using which you can cater for any of your SOA requirements. By simply downloading and adding components, you can enhance the capabilites provided by it. So by adding it components, you can add functionalities such as ESB, Business Processing using BPEL, service hosting, ect...
    So usage really depends of the size of the SOA and the complexity of the SOA.