Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting started with BPEL

These days I have been doing a bit of reading on BEPL ( Business Process execution language. )  BPEL plays a vital role in an real SOA deployment.Here are some of the nice tutorial links i found on the web.

1. A Hands-on Introduction to BPEL

2. A Hands-on Introduction to BPEL, Part 2: Advanced BPEL

Both these links are from oracle and involved with oracle process manager. However the BPEL aspect is explained in a very elegant way.

Also you can find some very nice links from apache ODE site

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  1. Hi Nandika,
    I just came across your post to one of the eclipse BPEL forums: and was just wondering if you had ever followed through with this effort? Would love to hear from you about your experiences with BPEL and ODE. Drop me a line at