Monday, June 29, 2009

Installing eAccelerator with WSF/PHP

eAccelerator is a popular php optimizer and a dynamic content cache. By installing an optimizer, a php web site can be optimized to get maximum performance and would result in very quick response times for the clients significantly improving the client experience.

Here we will have a look at how to install this tool with a PHP system which already have installed WSF/PHP. One of the complains I have seen is that eAccelerator does not work properly with WSF/PHP which is not correct.  You can easily get both WSF/PHP and eAccelerator running together.

First install WSF/PHP which has been explained in detail in the installation guide. Next download the eAccelerator source code.

Now you are ready to go ahead with the installation.

unzip the source code.


cd eaccelerator-

type ./configure --help to view the configuration options.

./configure --help

You will find the configuration option --with-eaccelerator-doc-comment-inclusion

Now you are ready to configure and install eaccelerator.

./configure --with-eaccelerator-doc-comment-inclusion


./make install

This will install the eaccelerator shared library to the php extensions directory.  Now configure the php.ini settings for eaccelerator.


  1. It didn't work on Ubuntu 10.04 with :(

  2. I forgot to mention that the php version is 5.3.2 :D

  3. I finally fixed it with:
    ./configure --with-eaccelerator-content-caching

    Sorry for the above comments :)