Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WSO2 Carbon Based Admin Console for Axis2/C WSF/C and WSF/C++ the availability of WSO2 WSF Admin, now users can manage their C and C++ Web Services Deployed in Axis2/C, WSF/C or WSF/C++ using the GUI interface of Carbon. At present, WSF Admin is at first milestone and supports following set of features.

Service Listing and Module Listing

Security Configuration

Policy Editing

Service Statistics

Following are some of the screen shots of New WSF Admin Console with WSF/C++.

Service Listing servicelisting

Engage Statistics Module to a service using the admin console and view the service usage statistics.



Configure Security


View and Edit Service Policies


There are lots of other functionality in-addition to the once I have shown above.  WSF Admin is a set set of web services and modules implemented using WSO2 Web Services Framework, plus a Customized Carbon Instance. The Admin Console works by using web services interactions to the WSF/C Back End where the C Admin Services deployed. WSF Admin is also a demonstration of not only the interoperability of WSO2 products ( Between java based Carbon Platform and C/C++ based WSF Products ) but also the flexibility of WSO2 Carbon Platform. 

WSF Admin milestone 1 release does not have the persistence and hence the configuration changes you make will not be preserved once you shutdown your server. The next release of WSF Admin will be having the persistence capability.

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