Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to increase the external invocation timeout for a BPEL process in BPS

There are situations where we need to invoke a service which will take quite sometime to respond within a bpel invoke. In such a scenario, you can use following settings to increase the default timeout values.

Increase the default values for MessageExchange timeout and External service invocation timeout. Also set the SO_TIMEOUT parameter and CONNECTION_TIMEOUT parameter in HttpSender.

Here, we are increasing the timeout value from default value to 10 minutes.


<tns:MexTimeOut value="600000"/>
<tns:ExternalServiceTimeOut value="600000"/>


<transportSender name="http"
        <parameter name="PROTOCOL">HTTP/1.1</parameter>
        <parameter name="Transfer-Encoding">chunked</parameter>
        <!-- This parameter has been added to overcome problems encounted in SOAP action parameter -->
        <parameter name="OmitSOAP12Action">true</parameter>
        <parameter name="SO_TIMEOUT">600000</parameter>
        <parameter name="CONNECTION_TIMEOUT">600000</parameter>

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  1. Hi Nandikajayawardana,
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