Friday, October 16, 2015

Business Process Server 3.5.0 version released

We are pleased to announce the release of WSO2 Business Process server 3.5.0 version.

Following are some of the exciting new features shipped with   BPS.

1. BPMN support.

We have incorporated the popular open source BPMN engine ACTIVITI into business process server. We are providing carbon platform compatible  package deployment methodology, and authentication mechanism for the REST API exposed by the bpmn engine. In addition to that a comprehensive and customizable ui provide very nice user facing web application. Users can use this web application and integrate into their existing UI's in order to provide users with workflow initiation and execution capability.

2. Human Tasks  Explorer UI

Human Tasks explorer provides comprehensive UI for managing human tasks. This UI can be deployed in wso2 app server as well. It provides the task list, task forms , attachments, completed task list, assign, claim, complete, save functionality as well as task search capabilities.

3. WS-Human Tasks form generation support.

This was a much needed capability from ws-human tasks support point of view. Up-to bps 3.5.0, users had to write their own jsps for input, output and response actions which were packaged with human tasks package and the rendering was done within the management console itself. Instead, now you have the capability to define how the UI should be rendered in WSO2 specific rendering format and Human Task Explorer generate the appropriate form necessary for task completion or save activity.

4. Process instance retry capability without bpel events. BPEL Instance view now offers  instance retry capability without having to enable events. Disabling bpel events provide huge performance gain and also reduce the db growth by a significant amount.

In addition to these, there are many other bug fixes that have been done with BPS 3.5.0 release. Hence this is a significant improvement from the previous release in-terms of feature addition as well as capability wise.

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