Thursday, August 3, 2017

Benefits of WSO2 ESB

WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is a battle tested enterprise service bus catering for all your enterprise integration needs. With its new release, we have taken the capabilities of WSO2 enterprise service bus ( ESB ) in to a new level.

 Previously,  we were releasing few products to cater for enterprise integration needs such as data services server ( DSS ) to cater for master data management, business process server (BPS) to cater for business processes / workflows and human interactions, message broker (MB) for enterprise messaging and ESB to provide the bus architecture to interconnect everything.  However, what we identified is that , more often than not, few of these products will be necessary to cater for a given integration use case and it almost always includes ESB. Hence , now we have packaged all the product capabilities into a single package with profiles with many enhancements to each of the profiles.

Following are some of the key benefits of WSO2 ESB.

1. One of the best performing open sources ESB's in the market.

2. A mature product and supports all enterprise integration patterns.

3. Complete feature set to cater for any integration need.

3. Eclipse based IDE support to quickly develop / debug / package /  deploy your integration flows.

4. Build in message tracing and analytics support with analytics profile.

5. Data integration capabilities allowing exposing your data stores as Services and APIs.

6. Message Broker profile provides fully pledged messaging capabilities including JMS 1.1 and JMS 2.0

7. Business Process Profile allows creating workflows and human integrations with BPMN, BPEL and WS-Human Tasks.

8. Consultancy / Support and Services are readily available from WSO2 and WSO2 Partners world wide.

Learn more about WSO2 ESB from follwoing article.

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