Saturday, December 6, 2008

Apache OFBiz Development ( A beginner's tutorial)

Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) is an open source enterprise automation software project.By open source enterprise automation it mean ERP, CRM E-Business/E-Commerce , SCM , Open Source MRP and so on.

Apache OFBiz Development ( A beginner's tutorial ) is a book from Packt Publishing . It is written by two experienced java developers Jonathan Wong and Rupert Howell. It explains the OFBiz functionality, covers from installing OFBiz to fixing an issue in the actual code :).

What you will learn this book.

  • Learn what OFBiz is, and what it is capable of doing for business.
  • Install and configure OFBiz to optimize system performance.
  • Develop a bespoke OFBiz component. Enhance and modify existing components.
  • Save time by learning how to re-use existing OFBiz code.
  • Explore Entities – the basic units of the framework's Model – to simplify database operations and perform complicated queries.
  • Define, create, and call Java services in the Service Engine to build synchronous and asynchronous communications.
  • Learn syntax and schema for the OFBiz language: MiniLang. Use MiniLang to speed up your OFBiz development.  
  • Acquire valuable development and performance tips that will make your custom applications supreme.

If you are into developing or evaluation open source enterprise automation software at apache, this is a must have book.Here is a sample chapter from the book.


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