Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Resource Oriented Architecture + PHP

SOA (Service Oriented Architecture ) has been a buzz word for quite some time now and there are large number of frameworks and stacks to support implementing SOA with SOAP being the widely adopted protocol for the implementation of SOA. Similarly ROA( Resource Oriented Architecture talks about a set of guidelines of implementation of a REST architecture. REST architectures can be easily implemented in PHP and has wide popularity among the PHP community since it is based on HTTP and its principles. You can get a good idea about the rest principles by reading this article from infoq.

    As you would have found out from the article above,   Just like SOA talks about services, REST talks about resources.  When using resources, it is important to get the right URL design, then map the correct http methods to the resource. In this sample book chapter from Samisa's  "RESTful PHP Web Services" book, the design of a resource oriented system , and how to implement php clients to access such a rest system is thoroughly  explained. And of course , there is a lot of code samples.

If you are building a REST system, this book is a must have book. It gives you large number of examples and explains the theory and best practices for REST systems. You can get this book from   

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